All Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors and Visitors are required to comply with the provisions of the WHSMS whilst working on Durock Drilling sites or equipment. The Standards, Procedures and Tools within the system are used to assess the performance of each employee and contractor and provide the basis for determining the development, acceptance and implementation of tasks and process specific to Work Health and Safety Management Plans.

Employees across all levels of the organisation, along with contractors, have the authority to provide input into the effectiveness of the WHSMS and have a responsibility and accountability to ensure implementation, execution, monitoring and improvement of the system. 

To ensure we have a common approach to managing business performance and achieve ongoing improvement across Durock Drilling, we focus on the systematic identification, management and improvement of the areas of our business that can present risk.

This approach applies to the management of our activities across the business in the areas of:

  1. Personal Safety,
  2. Heavy Vehicle operations in line with Heavy Vehicle National Law,
  3. Asset Management & Operational Integrity – to further improve on the reliability and integrity of our plant and equipment and support the ongoing improvement to our health and safety performance.

This enables Durock Drilling to apply best business practice so we can:

  1. Centrally identify, evaluate and manage risk across the business or site – as often risks are inter-related;
  2. Centrally manage requirements for standards and certification;
  3. Rationalise resources;
  4. Reduce complexity;
  5. Improve performance;
  6. Improve customer satisfaction;
  7. Maintain and enhance reputation;